Chief Keef
Chief Keef Credit: Alex Wroblewski

Chief Keef Watch: Last week the infamous Chicago rapper started a 20-day jail sentence for failing a drug test mandated by his probation, shortly after releasing Almighty So, his second mixtape of the year. Gossip Wolf decided to check the stats for his studio debut, last year’s Finally Rich—as DNAinfo has reported, he needs to sell 250,000 copies by December or Interscope has the right to back out of future album releases in his contract. According to Nielsen Soundscan, Keef has sold 204,000 units of Finally Rich and an additional 1.3 million digital tracks. Not too shabby.

We reported on her stolen gear last year, but we’re overdue for an uplifting story about experimental singer-­songwriter Haley Fohr, aka Circuit des Yeux—the Tue 10/29 release of the new Overdue (Ba Da Bing!) seems like just the ticket. She recorded it with Cave’s Cooper Crain in an apartment studio they built in Little Village, and teaser track “Hegira” sounds like folk shouter Odetta going through a goth/drone phase. We’re not mad! You can preorder a handmade LP from Fohr’s website.

In February, newish Chicago doom band Mount Salem self-released their debut, Endless, a murky stew of grinding riffs, samples of Charles Manson, and the gusting wail of singer-organist Emily Kopplin. Metal Blade must have been impressed: it signed the band recently and plans to release an expanded version of Endless in early 2014. Mount Salem is currently on tour with Uzala and Yob’s Mike Scheidt.

Local seapunk originator Ultrademon just dropped a video for “Bahrain,” a jittery, funky electronic track off his debut album, Seapunk. Omega Point made the wildly colorful clip, with its barrage of dated-­looking neon 3-D graphics, and teamed up with local clothing brand Mainframe to design a “Cybergram” T-shirt that borrows its imagery. You can get your seapunk on via Mainframe’s site at

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