Chicago black-metal agitators Kommandant have become one of the city’s best live metal outfits since local label Planet Metal released their 2008 debut full-length, Stormlegion, and 2010’s Kontakt EP. Their authentically frightening jackbooted and gas-masked stage presence and paint-peeling volume have apparently earned them respect across the ocean; Italian label Aeternus Tenebrarum Music Foundation will release the band’s next record, The Draconian Archetype, early next year. Kommandant is working on the album at Belle City Sound in Racine, Wisconsin, with producer Chris Djuricic (Nachtmystium).

Gossip Wolf done got punked! It turns out that obnoxious and anonymous music-slash-law tweeter @Mitchfork isn’t actually an openly chauvinist guy copping feels in the Pitchfork pit—though it was so much fun to hate “him” for it. According to a couple well-connected tipsters, “Mitch” is actually a female law student who uses the account to get at various local clubs, restaurants, and journos—including this Wolf! Seems like everyone has fancy dreams of Twitter celebrity ever since ex-Punk Planet publisher Dan Sinker made the big time with @MayorEmanuel.

For the past year, local music blog Cream Team has curated a stellar string of house parties and shows at out-of-the-way, usually unnamed venues in Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Pilsen. Who could forget their April showcase with Shattered Hymen, EULA, and Beefheartian outsiders Names Divine? Not this Wolf—talk about delicious ear damage at an undisclosed location! Anyway, on Sat 10/8 the blog will make things street legal by hosting a supersweet show called “Nowhere Club” at officially official Logan Square venue the Burlington. The all-local bill consists of excellent postdubstep instrumental specialists Supreme Cuts, ambient synth astronaut Madalyn Merkey, and trancey juke weirdos Sich Mang; a few DJs from the blog promise to play “spooky R&B and hip-hop” to close out the night. Now those are some pre-Halloween jams!

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