Gossip Wolf thinks Speedy Ortiz will be among the acts playing Pitchfork this summer.
Gossip Wolf thinks Speedy Ortiz will be among the acts playing Pitchfork this summer. Credit: Shawn Brackbill

Never mind the polar vortex—you can buy tickets for this summer’s Pitchfork Music Festival right now. It’s the weekend of Fri 7/18, and though the lineup hasn’t been announced, this wolf has some predictions: Massachusetts rockers Speedy Ortiz, Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon, Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates, Syracuse noise punks Perfect Pussy, and Los Angeles R&B singer Kelela. In the slots for locals? Doom nihilists Indian, R&B group Jody, emo troupe Into It. Over It., and hip-hop phenom Chance the Rapper. We’d love to see OutKast, but they’ll probably do Lollapalooza. Maybe Sleater-Kinney will play Pitchfork, though!

Gossip Wolf knows New York performer, filmmaker, and visual artist Charlemagne Palestine mostly via his minimal jams—his 1974 solo piano piece Strumming Music evolves from two quickly repeating notes to beautiful, bell-like clusters—and because of the stuffed animals that often surround him onstage, which he’s called “divinities” “my gateway to foreverness.” Palestine hasn’t played in Chicago since 1982, but in mid-March he’ll be here for several events, including a video screening at the U. of C.’s Film Studies Center on Fri 3/14 and two shows, one at Constellation on Sat 3/15 and the other at the Rockefeller Chapel on Mon 3/17. On Sun 3/16, Palestine will open a drone installation at Experimental Sound Studio’s Audible Gallery, and that’s where you come in: it will feature hundreds of stuffed animals and several keyboards, and ESS wants fans to share their own plush pals (and synths). Interested? E-mail curator Amelia Ishmael at mail@ameliaishmael.com.

After his wild Metro set Friday, Action Bronson spent part of Saturday snacking with producer Tommy Mas and Closed Sessions honchos Alex Fruchter and Michael Kolar before hitting Kolar’s Soundscape Studios. They swung by Candyality for a pound of green M&Ms, Xoco for braised goat tortas, and Margie’s Candies for malts.

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