Reckless Records buyer (and Chicago Thrash Ensemble member) Dave Hofer is the go-to guy when Gossip Wolf is looking for recommendations for the meanest metal in the galaxy, so it makes cosmic sense that he’s authored a book on metal’s most prolific bassist, Dan Lilker—who’s held down the low end in Anthrax, S.O.D., Brutal Truth, and about a bazillion others for more than three decades. A fanzine-style book chock-full of show flyers, photos, and interviews with compatriots like Scott Ian, Gene Hogaln, and Kevin Sharp, Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years & Counting in the Life of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker is available for preorder via publisher Handshake Inc., and will start shipping in a week or two—we’d be willing to bet that if you ask Dave nicely, he’ll even sign your copy!

Since reporting on HoZac’s Dwight Twilley seven-inch last year, we’ve been waiting to see who the local garage label would sniff out next. If you’re a fan of the green stinky stuff, you are bound to be smoked—we mean stoked! Former Lennon/Ono pal, Elektra and Apple recording artist, and “Have a Marijuana” potty mouth David Peel will rerelease his burning (and awesomely trashed-out sounding) 1978 LP King of Punk on HoZac Archival sometime in 2015. Does that mean he’ll blaze up next year’s Blackout fest too? We’re keeping our paws crossed!

Gossip Wolf felt pretty despondent last month when Ukrainian Village watering hole Club Foot announced it’d be closing for good after 19 years due to rent increases. It won’t close till Sat 11/15, though, so there’s plenty of time to swing through, grab a Sharp’s, buy a “RIP Club Foot” T-shirt, and take in some tunes. If you haven’t been there yet and need an excuse, Mon 10/6 is as good a time as any; that’s when local DJ collective Fuzzbox Chicago will spin at the bar for the last time. Go for the group’s hot tracks and strange videos, and stay to gawk at Club Foot’s pop culture tchotchkes.