Credit: Keith Herzik

Wondering when the exodus of hot local talent might ebb? Well, the answer is . . . never! At least not till the Chi is a ghost town, with just some bad DJs, two jam bands, and Wilco. Some of the city’s most promising acts have recently settled in LA—including enigmatic one-woman darkwave project Fielded, aka Lindsay Powell (formerly of Ga’an), who went in early January. Powell is wrapping up her new full-length and entertaining offers from labels. She tells Gossip Wolf that the album has “more emotion, more vocals, more songs to dance to, more sax, more bass, more love.”

Another Westward Ho! headline: Rand Sevilla of wurksteppers Sich Mang is moving to LA at the end of February. The other half of the duo, Eric Lee Gale, tells Gossip Wolf they’ll stay together—they are the hottest new band in town, after all—but there will be “an LA Sich Mang and a Chicago Sich Mang. We will do shows by ourselves or get someone to fill in for each other.” Gale says he and Sevilla will record via e-mail from here on out. They’re putting the finishing touches on their debut LP for Rainbow Body, which should drop by July. They’re also prepping a companion remix collection, with contributions from the likes of The-Drum, White Car, and Supreme Cuts.

Damon Locks of the Eternals—the Reader‘s Best Dancing Front Man of 2011—is a pretty serious Sun Ra fan. He’s so serious that the peeps behind Ravenswood’s Experimental Sound Studio asked the dude to help promote their Sun Ra/El Saturn Collection, which includes about 700 ultrarare cuts. Locks created Noon Moons, a spaced-out 18-minute film that touches on some of the intergalactic jazz master’s favorite themes, with the help of a team—artist and SAIC professor Terri Kapsalis, animator Rob Shaw, and Eternals bandmate Wayne Montana—and made a slew of prints himself. On Sat 2/4 at 7 PM, ESS will open Locks’s exhibit (it runs till 4/4) and screen Noon Moons twice.

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