Credit: Keith Herzik

Former Bird Names drummer Nora Brank has created a new variety show with her boyfriend, Everything Is Terrible cocreator Nick Maier. It’s called The Nick and Nora Variety Hour, and Brank tells Gossip Wolf that it’s modeled after Sonny and Cher’s 70s TV series, right down to the opening musical number and skit. The first episode, which will air soon on CAN TV, features Wume drummer April Camlin doing ventriloquism and Golden Birthday‘s Ryan Sullivan performing with his bandmate Eric Lee Gale (who’s also in Sich Mang). In episode two Hunter Husar—of Winston and the allegedly defunct Mahjongg—will discuss “math” and Mayor Daley (the band) will perform. For details, including how to attend a taping, follow the show’s Tumblr:

Metal mega-man Chris Black reports that he and guitarist Hank Bitchlover (not his real name) have finished writing the new Superchrist LP, Holy Shit. The band will hole up in Black’s home studio to record the album over the next month, and Sanford Parker (who else?) will mix it; it’s slated for an April release on Black’s Planet Metal label. Superchrist drummer Ian “the Pit Viper” Sugierski is moving from his native Michigan to Chicago, which means extra rehearsal time for the band’s forthcoming shows—which ought to be hot!

Gossip Wolf once spotted Robert “R.” Kelly before he got trapped in the closet. This Wolf was shocked to see that the dude is as big as his cult of celebrity—his head is the size of a microwave! He’s probably too big to attend “Bump and Grindcore: A Tribute to the Pied Piper of R&B” at Beauty Bar on Wed 12/14. Too bad, cause it’s a doozy of an R. Kelly celebration, with dramatic lyric readings, burlesque dancers, a GlitterGuts photo booth, a set by pop act the Embraceables, and more. DJs British Knights and Moneyworth will spin classic Kelly hits all night; it’s $3 and starts at 9 PM. Somebody better get pregnant up in that piece!

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