The cover of Night Terror's Night Terrors tape

Last week Gossip Wolf was six kinds of stoked about the new album from Fielded, aka former Ga’an vocalist Lindsay Powell; this week we’re stuck on Night Terror, a project from former Ga’an bassist and synth dude Tyson Torstensen! Last month Torstensen released his debut full-length, a cassette called Night Terrors, on LA label Living Tapes, and its solid synth squelch wouldn’t be out of place in a spooky John Carpenter soundtrack. On Thu 4/25 Fri 4/26 he plays a release show with Quicksails and Bitchin Bajas at a local DIY space; e-mail him at for details.

Last week Chicago jukemeister DJ Earl, a member of DJ Rashad‘s Teklife crew, dropped a new Bandcamp full-length called L.I.F.E., whose 31 tracks date back to the beginning of the 22-year-old’s career as a producer. DJ Earl tells Gossip Wolf that L.I.F.E should be the last thing he releases himself—he says several labels have gotten in touch about putting out Audio Fixx 2, the follow-up to last year’s overlooked Audio Fixx. Earl isn’t sure yet when that sequel will drop, but you can still get your, um, “fixx” of his music now: L.I.F.E. is streaming at

Gossip Wolf isn’t usually a political animal—members of both big parties are fair game, including the five Republicans who live in Cook County—but any organization that’s trying to get guns off the streets deserves everybody’s support. On Sat 5/4 a few of our favorite local acts, including deranged rockers Galactic Inmate (whose guitarist, Keith Herzik, is also the artist who captured this wolf’s good looks in ink), face melters Sweet Cobra, and catchy pop quartet Sunken Ships, play a benefit for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence at Logan Square spot Township—booking agency MP Shows promises that exactly 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit ICHV directly. —J.R. Nelson and Leor Galil

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