Credit: Keith Herzik

Brian Peterson of MP Shows, which books Pancho’s, has gone in with Treat owner Tamiz Haiderali and bought the joint! The pair took over 11/17 and are now in the middle of an overhaul. The Logan Square club and bar will continue with business as usual (though eventually with a new name), and starting this week its cafe will open for breakfast to serve pastries and Dark Matter coffee. Peterson tells Gossip Wolf that other upgrades will include vegan options, brunch, and a craft beer menu—surely it’s the first Chicago punk dive to turn into a brunch spot, no?

A compilation of remix work by the Hood Internet drops Tue 12/6 on New York label Mishka. Artists featured include the totally popular Foster the People and the less popular Tobacco, Rosebuds, and A Place to Bury Strangers; there’s also a new Hood track with Ninjasonik and Johnny Nelson. The comp isn’t to be confused with their full-length debut, which has been pushed to 2012 and includes collabs with A.C. Newman, Psalm One, and Slow Witch. The duo will play two New Year’s Eve shows at Lincoln Hall.

Gossip Wolf is sad to report that Champaign-Urbana record store and indie distributor Parasol Records will close on Thu 12/17; the Parasol Label Group—which includes Parasol, Hidden Agenda, and Reaction Recordings—will continue to operate. Parasol has been a friend to music nerds and a valued midwestern institution for more than 20 years. Before it hits the bricks, the shop is having a serious sale—check—and hosting a free, all-ages blowout. It starts at high noon Thu 12/17 and will include sets by Champaign locals Evil Tents, Anna Karenina/Anna Karina, and Easter.

Despite their name, Chicago indie five-piece Bully in the Hallway are only aggressive when it comes to their Braid-meets-Samiam emo—they seem like perfectly nice dudes. This past winter they recorded their second LP, Crooks and Their Castles, with Mike Lust at Phantom Manor, and they’ll celebrate its release at the Empty Bottle on Thu 12/1.

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