Sybris Credit: Courtesy of Sybris

Local indie rockers Sybris are rolling the dice with a new three-song seven-inch called Voyage of the Stag Party, and you can too: it’s packaged in a playable Dungeons & Dragons module, based in part on two of the EP’s ragers and inspired by the six years of weekly gaming sessions the Sybris folks have enjoyed with pals from Indiana craft brewery Three Floyds. Maps and characters are included—all you need are some of those crazy dice and a turntable! The release show Fri 4/5 at Bottom Lounge’s upstairs Volcano Room also features Rabid Rabbit and Killer Moon and an indubitably delicious tap takeover by Three Floyds.

Gossip Wolf hears that Tyler, the Creator from Odd Future, currently on a solo tour, spent a day off last week peeping the wares at Reckless Records in Wicker Park with his friendly skate-rat crew. Word is Tyler was looking for Japanese psych records (with future production samples in mind?), but his posse did figurative kick flips over the DVD budget bin. Good taste, bros! We just scored a copy of Spice World there!

We were pretty upset when BBU broke up in the fall, but it turns out the split wasn’t totally final: on Sat 3/23 the politilocal rap-juke group plays a show at the space formerly known as Quennect 4. “We’re not getting back together or anything,” says BBU’s Michael “Illekt” Milam. “It’s kind of just something that’s out of the blue.” BBU have roots at Q4, so when a friend from those early days asked them to perform they decided to go for it. Though BBU will still be gone after this concert, its members continue to make music—Illekt, for instance, sent over some tracks he’s working on with producer-rapper Enonomous. Recommended! For more information about the show, visit

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