Of course the cover of the zine Black Metal would be white

Chicago metal scribes Patrick Loy and Ed (he prefers to use just one name) just introduced Gossip Wolf to their zine, Black Metal of the Americas, and after reading their first few issues—the third dropped this month—we have a big heap of evil new music we’re eager to check out! The zine features metal-mag staples such as concert “reports,” album reviews, stark black-and-white nature photos, and informed interviews with serious vermin, including Virginia’s WRNLRD and San Francisco’s Otrebor, who plays “eco-terrorist” black metal on drums and hammer dulcimer as the Botanist. Speaking of staples, Black Metal of the Americas only exists on paper—copies are available via Patrick and Ed’s webstore or at Saki or Quimby’s.

Last week scuzzy local power-pop outfit Scoundrel uploaded their debut, Freak Flag, to the Web. All four members are veterans of the city’s DIY punk scene—specifically bands such as Cloud Mouth, Coping, and Grown Ups—and the album’s ten rough, hooky cuts mix doo-wop and 60s guitar pop with aggro punk. Lord Snow’s Niko Zaglaras recorded Freak Flag; Will Killingsworth (Ampere, Failures, Vaccine) mastered it. Cassette copies of Freak Flag can be had at Scoundrel’s shows, and drummer Zach Weinberg hopes to release the album on vinyl next year. Right now it’s streaming at bit.ly/scoundrelff.

New Chicago blackened-crust quartet Moral Void don’t leave much of a sonic void—at a recent DIY show their vicious turn-on-a-dime hardcore riffs splattered the walls with blood . . . in a purely metaphorical sense, of course. Early next year they’ll make their proper debut on a split 45 with Young & in the Way via excellent Florida label Antithetic Records; check Moral Void’s Bandcamp for a preview. Moral Void play Cobra Lounge on Fri 11/30 with Large & Lovely, Slag, and Hawaiian Punch.

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