Radar Eyes
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Serious congrats to psych-garage trippers Radar Eyes, who will birth two new seven-inches and an actual baby over the next few months! Guitarist Anthony Cozzi tells Gossip Wolf that founding drummer Shelley Zawadzki is great with child and will miss the band’s November east-coast tour; Nithin Kalvakota of Today’s Man will fill in on drums. This winter local imprints HoZac and Addenda will bear the (vinyl) fruit of the band’s labors: four hot new jams. Cozzi gave us a preview, and they’re verdant with swoopy synths—slightly gloomy and totally rad. Radar Eyes ought to play ’em with Metz at the Empty Bottle on Sat 10/27.

On Sun 10/28 local indie-pop troupe Roommate will play a set of Cure covers as part of the Whistler‘s ongoing Playing Favorites series; if their version of “A Night Like This” is any indication, it’ll be dreamy. Roommate main man Kent Lambert tells Gossip Wolf that he’s written eight new songs over the past couple years, so the group will soon start work on its fourth album at Soma/Engine studios. Lambert hopes to cover its costs with money he earned doing scores for a couple National Geographic shows.

Burlington booker Matt Kimmel tells Gossip Wolf that Neon Marshmallow, the experimental-music festival he founded with Daniel Smith, will return to town next month! Hosted by the Burlington from Thu 11/15 till Sun 11/18, it will feature local and national acts plus a solo set by a member of Sonic Youth—a formal announcement is coming soon.

A recent warehouse fire in Avondale destroyed the practice space (and gear) of local folk outfit Fallen Rivers. On Tue 10/30 the Hideout hosts a fund-raiser for the group, with all cash going to the band; Fallen Rivers plays with Bully in the Hallway and Tell Your Friends.

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