Credit: Keith Herzik

Back in 1981, Chicago label Autumn Records released the live punk compilation Busted at Oz to an indifferent world. It’s got performances from six pretty fucking good Chicago bands: Naked Raygun, Da, the Subverts, the Effigies, Strike Under, and Silver Abuse. It quickly went out of print, and what should’ve been a much-heard cornerstone document of regional punk rock—on par with This Is Boston, Not LA, and No New York—became fodder for record fiends on eBay. But all you collector scum need to stand down, because Permanent Records just reissued the LP! They made 500 copies, including 100 on fancy red vinyl that you can only get at the Permanent store. They’re available now, and other record stores should have the regular ol’ black-vinyl version next week. All proceeds go to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Now that’s a classy reissue program, people!

After five years, photographer and Reader contributor Clayton Hauck is saying “peace out” to Claychella, the annual DJ fest and dance party he curates. Hauck has grown weary of the nightlife, and the party he’s throwing next Saturday will be his final go-round. “It’s been a lot of fun over the years,” Hauck tells Gossip Wolf. “However, I’m moving beyond that portion of my life. No more staying out all night photographing parties and DJing for endless hours only to be paid in drink tickets.” He’s already begun to move on; last week on Twitter he mentioned he’s starting a one-man book club as a respite from all the time has has to spend on the computer. Maturity: it’s not just a lark, it’s a lifestyle!

As one fest dies, another begins. The new Chicago Smooth Jazz Concert Series offers a monthly dose of laid-back jazz at Park West for cats who like to keep it smoove. It kicks off March 25 with the violently monikered but surely mellow Jazz Attack, and on April 15 Euge Groove—not his Christian name—and Mindi Abair will serve up some real saxual healing. The series wraps up May 19 with Candy Dulfer, who’s kind of like Kenny G for feminists.

Prolific local label Plustapes is about to hit its 50th release in a little more than two years; Ryley Walker‘s solo debut, The Evidence of Things Unseen, is due next month. Plustapes honcho Dustin Drase describes Walker’s acoustic guitar work as “John Fahey-esque,” but no pressure, Ryley! This spring, the label will drop two more curious releases. One is a selection of songs from Netherfriends50 Songs 50 States project, which began last April. The other? It’s the debut from Matt Walker‘s latest project, of1000faces. Walker used to drum for Moron Tasty, Filter, and Smashing Pumpkins, and is currently sticksman to Morrissey. This Wolf anticipates that his tape will be better than anything Jimmy Chamberlin can conjure up at this point. Zang!

Judging by what this Wolf reads in Savage Love, three-ways are pretty hard to hook up. But this past summer, Chicago production duo the Hood Internet helped arrange a menage a trois with politilocals BBU and Brooklyn zeitguys Das Racist—the resulting track is called “Please, No Pictures,” and it came out Valentine’s Day. Hood’s STV SLV tells Gossip Wolf: “We are hyped that we got to make a beat for two of our favorite Rap Bands. Those dudes should tour together. We should all go on tour together. ‘Makin Fun of White Folks Tour 2011.’ That’s a reference to the hook.”

Did you know that this Wolf is partial to free jazz? Good thing local jazzer and MacArthur genius Ken Vandermark is bringing together ten leading jazz heavyweights from Europe and Chicago—collectively called the Resonance Ensemble—for a free concert next Sunday, March 6, at the Chicago Cultural Center. Free music swings most freely when it’s free of charge. Trust us! The show closes the International Resonance Festival, which begins March 2. Members of the ensemble will also play smaller gigs at the Hideout, Elastic, and Milwaukee’s Sugar Maple. Genius!

Last week, Chicago-based concert-booking behemoth the Windish Agency—whose huge roster includes everyone from Best Coast to the XX—announced that it’s starting an in-house music-licensing division, cleverly named Windish Music Licensing. WML will help find movie and ad placements for the music of underexposed acts like Deerhunter, Animal Collective, and Diplo. Good luck!