Robert Plant
Robert Plant Credit: Courtesy AP

Last week Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant rocked Taste of Chicago with his Sensational Space Shifters, and Gossip Wolf hears the lightning-voiced singer also “rambled on” around town to check out a few stores and restaurants, including East Village cowboy-fashion hot spot Alcala’s, where this lobo has been known to shop for white boots. Judging by Alcala’s Facebook page, it was a bit of a “celebration day”—Plant gamely posed for pictures with employees and generally behaved like a totally swell legendary rock ‘n’ roll badass. We hear he was especially keen on the turquoise jewelry and belt buckles—though who knows why he needs a belt, given how tight he likes his jeans!

This wolf likes to keep up with the local underground emo scene but somehow slept on Dreamliner, the debut full-length from Chicago-­Indiana four-piece Brighter Arrows. Well, it was more of a power nap—it’s only been a couple weeks since DIY label the Ghost Is Clear released it on vinyl. It sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of a well, but it’s dark and tense, and man does it rip! Brighter Arrows hit Township on Sat 7/27, but you can stream Dreamliner now via Bandcamp:

Earlier this year, Chicago garage band Circles—then a trio of guitarist Srini Radhakrishna from France Has the Bomb, bassist Melissa Elias from the Ponys, and drummer Ken Coulman—visited Mike Lust at Phantom Manor to record their debut EP, Are You Watching the Masters? Because the Masters Are Watching You. The band, which now includes Anthony Cozzi from Radar Eyes and Christen Thomas from the Empty Bottle (Elias is taking a family-­style break), recently put its six breezy, jangly, hook-happy songs up on Bandcamp—and a five-dollar download also gets you a silk-screened poster of the cover, designed by Coulman. Circles play a post-Lollapalooza show with Wild Nothing on Sat 8/3 at the Bottle.

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