The Sea and Cake are hush-hush about their new album.

An ambitious new local cover band called Girl Group—which will play songs by 60s girl groups, natch—has 19 members so far, and it’s still growing. “I love 60s girl groups, but I’ve never heard of 60s girl groups that had all the instrumentalists be women,” says lead singer and main schemer Shana East. Girl Group’s lineup includes Hollows‘ Megan Kasten, Rabid Rabbit‘s Andrea Jablonski, Outer Minds‘ Gina Lira, Bobby Conn & the Burglars‘ Julie Pomerleau, Moonrises‘ Libby Ramer, and Chic-a-Go-Go host Mia Park. East expects the band will debut this summer, once its costumes, choreography, and sets are finished. To help pay for it all, Girl Group will host a Hideout dance party on Sat 6/9. The band is also looking for a horn player and cellist—e-mail East at

In January local singer-songwriter Dan Phillips used Kickstarter to help launch a record club for his solo lo-fi project, Zapruder Point, and now the records have begun to arrive. He’s releasing four seven-inches in 2012—the first, Buildings vs. People, came out March 6 (also Phillips’s 41st birthday), and the second should drop in May. Zapruder Point’s next show is Sat 5/5 at the Uncommon Ground on Clark.

Thrill Jockey says the Sea and Cake are recording a new album—produced by their drummer, John McEntire, at his Soma studio. The label offered no further details, which must mean that our hunch about the band’s album-length collaboration with Ludacris, Butt Parts, was on the money. What TJ would confirm is that on May 15 the duo of formerly local guitarist David Daniell (now in the Smoky Mountains) and Eleventh Dream Day bassist Doug McCombs (McEntire’s bandmate in Tortoise) will release Versions , culled from the same sessions as their previous album, Sycamore. This time they let former Tortoise bro Bundy K. Brown edit and arrange the whole thing—they must like him a lot. Versions is allegedly “completely different” from Sycamore, and will include a second LP of live material.

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