Iceage Credit: Kristian Embdal

Fake Lollapalooza lineups are circulating online already, so it’s time for Gossip Wolf to sniff the wind and make some guesses about the annual Grant Park “alternative” music fest. Our predictions include Danish postpunk kiddies Iceage, erstwhile “Tity Boi” 2 Chainz, “Harlem Shake” lottery winner Baauer, enjoyers of silence Depeche Mode, the less bankrupt Postal Service, former Degrassi star Drake, French pop fiends Phoenix, photogenic producer Diplo, guyliner pioneers Nine Inch Nails, and local hip-hop sensation Chance the Rapper. Gossip Wolf previously guessed that Jessie Ware would play Pitchfork, but now we’re thinking Lolla’s more likely for her. Our long-shot pick? The Halley’s Comet of shoegaze, My Bloody Valentine!

Logan Square 4 AM bar the Owl has started a cassette label called Parliament Tapes, which debuts with the first entry in a mixtape series called Champions of Sound, curated by Danny Akalepse of Brooklyn R&B/reissue label Truth & Soul. The groovy collection features soul, funk, rap, reggae, and more, and all 100 purple-­tinted cassettes come with hand-­painted artwork by Chicago graffiti artist Tyrue “Slang” Jones. Copies of the tape are free while they last at the Owl’s weekly Mix Tape Lounge, Sundays at 10 PM. Future Parliament releases will include exclusive mixes from New York DJ Natasha Diggs and California “low-rider soul” enthusiasts the Southern Soul Spinners.

Guess who’s playing next month’s Off the Record at Saki? Minnesota slowcore trio Low! The Logan Square record store has been hosting monthly listening parties (presented with the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events) since January, and on Thu 3/7 Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker, and their latest bassist, Steve Garrington, will play stripped-down renditions of tunes from Low’s forthcoming The Invisible Way. After the show Invisible Way producer Jeff Tweedy will join the band for a Q&A; the event starts at 7 PM. Low plays Metro on Fri 3/22.

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