A still from the video for Aftersound's "Stand Tall"
A still from the video for Aftersound's "Stand Tall"

Last week local synth-pop duo Aftersound put their songwriting talents to especially good use. To raise funds for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s emergency effort to assist folks suffering from the ongoing violence in Gaza, the band posted a video for the uplifting, anthemic “Stand Tall” on UNRWA’s website, offering the song for download in return for a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more. The money will go toward health care, food, water, hygiene kits, and bedding for a few of the 50,000 Palestinians seeking shelter in UNRWA facilities.

Antipop whiz and former Chicagoan Willis Earl Beal has kept busy this year—he’s released two EPs and his third full-length, Experiments in Time. Beal hit up Gossip Wolf over the weekend to say that anyone who bought his recent album and e-mails him at thewillisbeal@yahoo.com with proof of purchase can get a brand-new EP called The Golden Hour for free. The eight-song release includes a new version of “Swing on Low” from 2012’s Acousmatic Sorcery and a rendition of Gershwin’s “Summertime” that Beal recorded with his significant other.

On Sat 9/6 adventurous local noise rockers Melkbelly celebrate their debut LP, Pennsylvania, by playing a release party with Paper Mice and the Dreebs. It’s at a DIY venue whose name it’d be impolite to reveal here, but for details you can e-mail automatic­recordings@gmail.com.

Tape-lovin’ California indie label Burger Records is reissuing the Lemons‘ delightful debut, Hello, We’re the Lemons. The band should have new cassettes on hand when they open for the Growlers at Lincoln Hall on Wed 9/10; they’re also joining Burger’s Caravan of Stars in October for shows in Ann Arbor and Newport, Kentucky.

Gossip Wolf hears that Trouble in Mind cofounder Bill Roe worked his final shift at Permanent Records on Saturday—he’s left the job so he can focus on the label full-time!

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