Heavy Times
Heavy Times Credit: Zachary Johnston

Gossip Wolf hears that ripping Chicago garage band Heavy Times (which features Reader music-listings dude Luca Cimarusti on drums) broke up onstage after more or less playing at Quarters Rock ‘n’ Roll Palace in Milwaukee on April 27; according to Express Milwaukee, their four-song set was “incredibly unprofessional.” (This could’ve been because one member wanted to drive back to Chicago instead.) Heavy Times is done, but “rubber-­legged guitarist” Matt Courtade says HoZac will still release the band’s third and final album, Fix It Alone, next month.

Doomy local duo Oyarsa will play their last show for the foreseeable future on Thu 5/9 at the Empty Bottle with Sun Splitter and Winters in Osaka—later this month guitarist-­vocalist Noah Coleman moves to the totally metal climes of northern Idaho. Coleman says that the band will keep writing and recording, and that his other projects, including raw-as-fuck solo black-metal act Monument and tape label Sol y Nieve, will remain active.

Drummer Areif Sless-Kitain is keeping busy—not only is he still playing with the Eternals, Reds and Blue, and I Kong Kult, he’s also about to tour with Sub Pop singer-songwriter Daughn Gibson! Gibson recruited Sless-Kitain and Jim Elkington (of the Horse’s Ha) to be in his live band—you can catch them in action at the Pitchfork fest in July. Before he hits the road, though, Sless-Kitain has a show with Reds and Blue at the Hideout on Thu 5/9—the arty psych-pop trio’s first in almost a year. He says they’ll play brand-new material.

Sharkula doesn’t have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or an e-mail address, but he’s got a phone! He just rang to tell this Wolf about a project he has in the works with Willis Earl Beal—and that he’s performing with Jams Dean at Cafe Mustache on Fri 5/10.

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