Credit: Keith Herzik

Last week Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber confirmed to Gossip Wolf that Pitchfork is uprooting what remains of its Chicago editorial staff and sticking the whole department under one roof in Brooklyn. Longtime news editor Amy Phillips and editor in chief Mark Richardson will depart at the end of January, while the marketing, advertising, and festival staff will remain here. Phillips’s squeeze, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir’s Elia Einhorn, will move with her; SYGC will continue without Einhorn, who plans to go solo.

Bloomington hard-rock four-piece Guilty Pleasures, formed in 1997, never broke out before breaking up in the early aughts, but three members became linchpins of the Chicago garage scene: drummer Matt Williams (who went on to play in the Baseball Furies and Lover!), guitarist Jered Gummere (Ponys, Hot Machines), and bassist Srini Radhakrishna (France Has the Bomb, Football). Now the dudes are reunited—front man Chuck Scherbaum is on board too—and it feels so good that they’re finally dropping Summer Strange, a shit-hot LP they left in the can back in ’01! Dusty Medical will release it Tue 12/20; the band plans to celebrate with a show at Milwaukee’s Cactus Club on Fri 12/30 and a local gig early next year.

Pavement adjunct drummer and dancing enigma “Nasty” Bob Nastanovich was just in town. On Saturday he swung by hair salon/gallery Strange Beauty Show to spin records at an art opening for his wife, Whitney Courtney Nastanovich, and later he DJed at Cobra Lounge, the only Chicago bar where people boo if you play Prince.

Psych enthusiast, caricaturist, and author of the Reader‘s Secret History of Chicago Music Steve Krakow is launching the 2012 installment of his Galactic Zoo Mix Tape Club. For $40 Krakow will send you a 90-minute cassette every couple months for the next year, applying his bazonkers curatorial acuity to hand-select songs from the deepest psych crates known to man or wolf. The first of the six tapes is ready to ship; e-mail for more info. —Jessica Hopper and J.R. Nelson

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