Serengeti's Kenny Dennis EP follows a release he recorded with Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens

Chicago-bred rapper Serengeti (aka David Cohn) has been on a tear lately. Last month his new trio with Anticon labelmate Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens, s / s / s, released its debut EP, a collection of schizoid pop tunes called Beak & Claw. Last week he dropped a solo EP, Kenny Dennis, his fourth release as his alter ego of the same name—a fortysomething former telephone-booth repairman who rhymes in a thick Chicago accent. Introduced on 2006’s Dennehy, Dennis was a member of Tha Grimm Teachaz, a fictional hip-hop group briefly signed to Jive in the early 90s—and Serengeti has released the album that the label supposedly shelved, where he lovingly re-creates 1993 styles. (Dennis also has a long-standing beef with Shaq, which he airs on the Kenny Dennis cut “Shazam.”) Serengeti tells Gossip Wolf that he’s fielded offers to expand Dennis’s intricate backstory into a larger narrative—a feature film, a mockumentary, a sitcom—but nothing has panned out yet.

This wolf has spent serious blotto hours at Gold Star, the old-school Division Street watering hole co-owned by Susan Stursberg. If you’ve ever parked it on a barstool in the company of their righteous jukebox, she’s probably been the one sliding a few pints (and complimentary baskets of popcorn) your drunken way. Sadly, Stursberg was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer—which has resulted in the usual out-of-control medical bills. On Sun 4/22, a slew of top-notch local acts are playing a fund-raiser at Double Door—the stellar lineup includes Joan of Arc, Del Rey, Coffin Pricks, and a DJ set by Bobby Conn. You can also donate at

Last week the Pitchfork Music Festival finalized its lineup, and it turns out there’s another early Gossip Wolf pick in the mix: the reunited Chavez! The Chicago contingent now includes Outer Minds and A Lull, alongside previously announced acts the Atlas Moth and Willis Earl Beal. Do us proud!

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