Fake Limbs are on the make.

There are so many awesome Record Store Day releases this year that this Wolf will probably go broke buying all the good stuff. At the top of Gossip Wolf’s list is Permanent Records‘ latest, a retrospective LP from the Pows called Once With Snot & Blood. A scraggly garage-punk band from Columbia, Missouri, the Pows were active in the late 90s and early aughts—Cave drummer Rex McMurry was an original member, and Permanent owners Lance Barresi and Liz Tooley are big fans. Snag a copy Saturday—Permanent is pressing 100 of ’em—and after Cave plays the Empty Bottle that night you can see if McMurry will sign it.

Nick Zanca is causing a stir in local electronic-music circles with his solo project Mister Lies. The 19-year-old played mostly in punk bands before moving to Chicago in the fall to attend Columbia and getting a firsthand look at the scene here. He’s been making sensual sounds as Mister Lies since January, and has already earned the approval of the Fader and Pitchfork. He’s working on an EP with another Columbia student-slash-producer who goes by Different Sleep—it’s due May 8 on Absent Fever, an imprint based in Chicago and LA. Zanca tells Gossip Wolf he’s fielding label offers for his debut full-length, which he hopes to finish this summer. “I will be in Connecticut, in the suburbs, in my parents’ house, working on this record,” he says. “It’ll be nice and quiet.”

Fake Limbs are on the make. The brutish rock quartet, which features former Builder/Destroyer rhythm section Mat Biscan and Nick Smalkowski, drops its debut, Man Feelings, on May 8 via BLVD. (The band also plays a Record Store Day set at the Reckless on Milwaukee on Sat 4/21.) Fake Limbs recorded and mixed the album in two days at Electrical Audio, and according to front man and infamous Danny’s doorkeep Stephen Sowley, Man Feelings is “about a minute and half shorter than Pink Moon and far less embarrassing.”

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