Mulatto Patriot's The New Deal

Local hip-hop producer Mulatto Patriot has released The New Deal—an LP whose progress this Wolf reported on almost two years ago—under the name the Promise (his duo with MC Squair Blaq). Last week they finally threw the album up on Bandcamp, and if it weren’t free, we’d be mad we had to wait so long for something so damn good. The album tells a typical Great Recession story: dude loses job, car, and girl, and has to go on the dole. But he speaks on his troubles over righteous sample-heavy barbecue-season jams that also use plenty of live instrumentation—and The New Deal‘s gifted guests include Psalm One, Pugs Atomz, and Primeridian.

On Fri 4/27 Logan Square record store Saki kicks off a monthly variety show called Creative Control. Host Joe McAdam is the “sidekick” on The Late Live Show, which just began a six-week run at Stage 773 (Second City dropped it last summer after three seasons), and he’s been looking to launch a similar production to bring together Chicago’s music and comedy communities. Friday’s show includes a set by Mannequin Men (with Reader music writer Miles Raymer on bass), and McAdam says he’s talking with Brain Idea, Tyler Jon Tyler, and Dastardly for future installments. Creative Control is free and starts at 7:30 PM.

We’ll say this about local all-star garage-rock goon squad Football: they don’t bother with scrimmage! The band, made up of dudes from the Ponys, the Tyrades, the Guilty Pleasures, and Tight Phantomz, tends to leave it all on the field (including the occasional broken bass or burned snare drum). They have a tightly wound demo EP in the can, and though there’s no word on a release date, they’ve posted “Set Them on Fire” to their Soundcloud page. On Fri 4/27, Football plays a show at Quenchers that doubles as a birthday party for band members Jim McCann and Mike Lust—it’s probably wise to expect some unsportsmanlike conduct and blocking below the waist.

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