Gossip Wolf wouldn't be at all surprised to see famous EDM haircut Skrillex at Lollapalooza.
Gossip Wolf wouldn't be at all surprised to see famous EDM haircut Skrillex at Lollapalooza. Credit: Brennan Schnell

Summer is still months away, but the interminable promo blitz for Lollapalooza should kick into high gear with a lineup announcement in the next couple weeks. In January Gossip Wolf predicted that the reunited OutKast would play, and that’s looking like a lock. This wolf also expects Lollapalooza to include famous EDM haircut Skrillex, the deathless Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, pop prodigy Lorde, rowdy guitar army Diarrhea Planet, demented Detroit MC Danny Brown, transgender warriors Against Me!, and Save Money rapper Vic Mensa. Lollapalooza might also “get lucky” and land Daft Punk, a booking that would give Gossip Wolf no choice but to wade through the fest’s drunk, half-naked crowds—and probably get stuck behind a dude in a banana hammock again.

Local garage-punk label HoZac Records is expanding its archival series—which already includes lost jams from power-­pop legend Dwight Twilley, Cleveland protopunks the Electric Eels, and Chicago new wavers Epicycle—by adding releases from obscure rock acts featured in cult films. First up is the mysterious Made in Japan, who contributed two cuts of pub-rock punk to campy 1980 slasher classic New Year’s Evil, then disappeared. HoZac has tracked the band down and plans to release the debut seven-inch that didn’t happen in 1979.

Local “concept and project development studio” the Land and Sea Dept. has a knack for presenting rad musicians in rad locales. Its 2013 Garfield Park Conservatory shows by Zola Jesus (with J.G. Thirlwell) and Bill Callahan were among the year’s most memorable! Their new Audial LSD series offers a concert experience with serious shelf life—performances are recorded and pressed in limited editions, and attendees get dibs. The first features Michigan noise masters Wolf Eyes on Tue 4/1 at LSD’s headquarters (3124 W. Carroll), with the seven-inch available at Permanent Records shortly there­after.

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