The cover art for the new Georgia O'Queef demo
The cover art for the new Georgia O'Queef demo

Gossip Wolf loves blistering, ugly powerviolence as much as the next apex predator—but we’d have to give new local shit squad Georgia O’Queef props for their name even if they sounded like Wilco. After a spin or two through their Bandcamp page, though, it seems safe to say they traffic exclusively in Cookie Monster growls, death harpy screams, and Daytona 500 tempos. On Tue 7/15, Georgia O’Queef self-release a seven-song demo tape and headline the Burlington with Lil Tits, Gas Mask Horse, and others.

Over the weekend the blog Couch King Emo premiered the first music video by mathy Chicago fourth-wave band Churchkey; it’s for a gnarly new tune called “It’s 3 A.M. & I Am Your Girlfriend,” and it features the gang getting covered in shaving cream at a raging house party. “It’s 3 A.M.” appears on the three-song EP & You, which came out digitally Tue 7/8; local label Friendly Otter plans to release it on vinyl in September.

In January, Chicago psych-rock band Energy Gown released “Round House,” a seven-inch single that Byron Coley called a “fine river of sludge” in the Wire. Gossip Wolf somehow missed it completely, but on Thu 7/10 at the Owl, Energy Gown celebrate the release of their debut LP, Evening Molasses (which includes “Round House”), on local imprint Alona’s Dream; opening the show are Partner, whose lineup includes members of E.T. Habit and Moonrises.

We’ve reported before on the artistic endeavors of Eternals front man Damon Locks, and he has a new show with former GSL label honcho and VSS vocalist Sonny Kay that opens Tue 7/15 Thu 7/17 at IPaintMyMind Gallery; it promises to focus on “the intersection of art and music,” which seems to mean show flyers, album artwork, handbills, and similar stuff. Sounds dope to us! The gallery will sell posters signed by both artists, and DJ Major Taylor will spin records Tuesday.

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