Chelsea Wolfe Credit: Bill Crisafi

Genre-straddling chanteuse, composer, and guitarist Chelsea Wolfe confounds some fans and rewards others on her newly released sixth full-length, Hiss Spun. Her witchy brew of drone-folk with gothic and industrial influences is dramatic and cinematic (it’s been licensed by Fear the Walking Dead, The Magicians, and Game of Thrones). It’s also crept heavier and heavier with each release; most of Hiss Spun roars out as full-fledged sludge metal. Wolfe’s previous collaborations with Russian Circles and the Converge/Neurosis-related project Bloodmoon serve her well on the new album, where she steers a course within the rocky shoals adeptly built by bassist/synth player Ben Chisolm, drummer Jess Gowrie, and guest guitarists including Aaron Turner of Isis and Troy van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age (who all come together on “Vex”). In all, she wields delicacy and melancholy as weapons that are even sharper due to the crushing walls of riffs they emerge from.   v