Facs perform at Bohemian National Cemetery in June 2017. Credit: Zoran Orlic

Earlier this year, Gossip Wolf broke the news that after Disappears went on hiatus last fall, three members had formed dark art-rock juggernaut Facs. Ever since, this wolf has been catching their shows and copping the free demos they’ve intermittently posted to Bandcamp, which sound like a spacious, hypnotic mix of Lungfish and Flowers of Romance-era PiL. It’s definitely a combo meal that any weird postpunk can dig—so of course Bill and Lisa Roe of Trouble in Mind Records have already signed Facs. As bassist-vocalist Brian Case puts it, “Bill and Lisa knew more about the Dead C than any label we talked with, so naturally we pursued them until a deal was struck.” The trio’s debut long-player, Negative Houses, hits shops on Friday, March 30. In the meantime, they play the Empty Bottle with new labelmates Omni on Sunday, November 5.

Even for a faux holiday aimed directly at fans’ wallets, Cassette Store Day gets no respect. This year it falls on Saturday, October 14, and a load of local labels have special releases on deck, including Grabbing Clouds, Already Dead, Dumpster Tapes, and Girlsville. This wolf got to preview a few tapes by reggae label Jump Up, and they’re aces—especially the soulful Boombox Sessions Vol. II by Montreal’s Danny Rebel. Only four local shops appear on CSD’s official list of retailers (Bucket O’ Blood, Bric-a-Brac, Shuga, and Curbside), but don’t overlook the unofficial participation of Logan Hardware. It’s selling tapes exclusive to the shop by Dark Fog, Ralph “Soul” Jackson, Droids Blood, King Tony, and Tavi Veraldi of mixtape label Poor Milk—and all five perform at a party that runs from noon till 4 PM.

The Eradicator, Gossip Wolf’s favorite goofy local punk band inspired by a Kids in the Hall sketch, drop a self-titled album on Friday, October 13. That night they headline a release show downstairs at Subterranean; Bong Mountain, Engines, and “Richardson” Richardson open.  v

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