Greenbeard Credit: Holly Jee

Greenbeard are a grimy-sounding stoner-rock trio from Austin who riffed their way onto the scene in 2014 and have produced three albums since. Like its predecessors, last year’s Lödarödböl (Sailor Records) has a confident swagger in its crunchy, crusty hard-rock, psychedelic custom-van boogie. It clocks in at less than 40 minutes, and not a second of it is wasted, though the band stretch out their grooves with the calm of a stoned occult guru on a waterbed. One of Greenbeard’s greatest strengths is guitarist Chance Parker, whose solos ripple up and surge with some of the bluesy fire Eric Clapton spewed in Cream, the lyrical waning and waxing of Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma, and the hallucinogenic conjurings of Jimmy Page. The long tracks that give him room to roam, like “Lanesplitter” and “Wyrm,” are the album’s high points, and Parker wouldn’t have nearly the same impact without the tight rhythm section of drummer Buddy Hachar and bassist Dan Alvarez, who put fist-punch power behind the shaggy hard-rock numbers like “Swing” and “Young Concussion. As their song of the same name suggests, whatever “Battleweed” they’re smoking, it’s good stuff.   v