Lifestyles are Hanna Hazard (also from Lil Tits), Alex Shumard (Touched by Ghoul), Adam Luksetich (Foul Tip), and Aaron Preusch (Truck or Dead Horse). Credit: Courtesy the artist

Gossip Wolf has loved local rockers Lifestyles (featuring members of Lil Tits, Touched by Ghoul, and Foul Tip) since they released a scorching demo in 2014—at the time, this very column described it as a “Babes in Toyland-style alt-rock apocalypse.” Last week the band dropped their debut full-length, Friends, via Bandcamp, and next week Chicago label Automatic Recordings releases the LP. The album has this wolf feeling “Sub Pop grunge in a sweaty-assed basement” vibes—it even closes with a song from the perspective of suicide cult Heaven’s Gate, who famously tried to catch a UFO ride off earth from San Diego in 1997. Singer and guitarist Hanna Hazard says Lifestyles recently added new guitarist Aaron Preusch (from Truck or Dead Horse) and head out on a midwest tour this weekend.

Chicago musical polymath Nnamdi Ogbonnaya can add “label cofounder” to his overstuffed resumé. Ogbonnaya, Steven Daoud, and Glenn Curran will launch Sooper Records in mid-June with the genre-busting self-­titled debut from Chicago’s Man Without a Head. Curran is the main man behind the band, but he enlisted 11 other musicians to help him juggle the record’s jazz-influenced experimentations, riotous postpunk, and giddy indie pop; this wolf is keen on the instrumental knots and lyrical sweet nothings of “Better Half.” Keep your eyes peeled for the Man Without a Head 12-inch.

Nunca Duerma—aka local producer Tahif Attiek—will drop a full-length titled Ven Ahora on Detroit label Young Heavy Souls on Friday, June 17. Nunca Duerma is Spanish for “never sleep,” and Gossip Wolf recommends you don’t sleep on these jams! “She Is Gone” features bustling rhythms, twinkling keyboards, and an ear-catching saxophone solo. “Acid Jazz” doesn’t much sound like its namesake, instead mixing footwork-style bass-drop rattles and glistening EDM chatter. Preorder a purple cassette via the Fat Beats webstore.  v

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