Chicago four-piece Haki at Martyrs' on Sat 11/29 Credit: Courtsey the artist

This wolf has been a big fan of the intense sound of Chicago rock four-piece Haki ever since catching wind of ’em, and on Fri 1/9 they’ll drop the provisionally titled Haki’s Big New E.P., their first new music since the self-­released LP Positive in April 2014. The Reader described that album as veering “from mellow dub hypnosis to feral punk that teeters on the edge of noisy chaos,” and Haki guitarist Yusuf Muhammad tells Gossip Wolf that the EP is “the most punk-rock thing we will ever make.” Haki play a release show on Friday night with Forced Into Femininity, Garbage Friends, Logorrhea, and Daymaker; it’s at a DIY space, so e-mail for the address.

In November, Gossip Wolf mentioned that local label Maximum Pelt was maintaining a busy-as-heck release schedule, and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down! On Sat 1/10, two local groups from the Maximum Pelt roster will play a release show at the Empty Bottle. The self-titled seven-­inch from heavy instrumental psych trio Unmanned Ship features a burbling, effervescent jam called “Crystal Pepsi” that’s a shit-ton more memorable than the caffeine-­free 90s soft drink, and A.M. Stations’ debut six-song cassette, Tacoma, alternates between space-rock bombast and sweet jangle pop; it sounds like four college radio stations playing at once. Not a complaint!

On Fri 1/9 members of Cokegoat, Cooler by the Lake, Lovely Little Girls, and other Chicago bands collaborate for a show called Deep Kutz, an annual celebration of songs that it’s all but impossible to see performed live by the original artists. For more than a decade, musicians have gathered on the second Friday of the year to play tunes such as Brian Eno’s “Third Uncle” and Mark Safan’s “Win in the End” (from this columnist’s fave 80s movie, Teen Wolf). Alas, this installment of Deep Kutz is the last; the show starts at 10 PM at Phyllis’ Musical Inn.

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