Candy Credit: Courtesy of artist

Candy formed in 2016, and given their relatively quick ascent among the ranks of hardcore bands, it’d be easy to use the cliche that they came out of nowhere. But in reality, Candy came from everywhere. They’re often pegged as a group from Richmond, Virginia, the hometown of guitarist Michael “Cheddar” Quick, but the five members are spread across the country, with no two residing in the same city and only a couple in the same state. The band’s music is equally scattered, though they’re able to put it together so that it never sounds that way. Their two 2018 and two 2017 releases all use throat-ripping hardcore as a starting point, but the band make minor deviations here and there, such as the jangly Britpop song “Bigger Than Yours” and the thick, techno-inspired “re-mix” of it. But even without those twists and turns, Candy’s hardcore aesthetics would be hard to pinpoint. Fans of proto-metalcore acts such as Integrity will find plenty to love in the band’s chugging riffs and tasteful double kick-runs, but so will people who are into raw, noisy Japanese hardcore will recognize bits of that sound too. With an uncompromising artistic perspective and  lyrics such as “Overconsumption / Environmental corruption” and “Systematic oppression leads to systematic death,” Candy are always on the attack. The fact that they’ve been able to tour with the burly, rambunctious Terror, the expansive, indie-leaning Fucked Up, and even the shoegaze-worshipping Nothing highlights their range, and how they easily cross boundaries without stumbling over them. Candy have a bright future ahead of them—even if it’s impossible to predict what they’ll do next.   v