Wrong War Credit: Courtesy the artist

Gossip Wolf has never bought into the theory that punk gets better when it has a bigoted, incompetent Republican administration to rail against. (And Americans certainly didn’t consider that when they flushed the current one!) But in case you feel like cherry-picking supporting evidence, Chicago hardcore band Wrong War provided some on Election Day in the form of their anvil-heavy debut LP, Fixed Against Forever. The veteran crew—former Ottawa and Current singer Matt Weeks, guitarist Patrick Keenan, bassist Dave Pawlowski, and drummer Dan Smith—retch up a projectile of feral, rumbling riffs that delivers a hearty “fuck you” to the Trump era. The video for “First Shot Misses” uses footage from Dan Dinello and Tom Corboy’s film Pink Triangles Rising that shows the LGBTQ+ community confronting a neo-Nazi rally intended to disrupt the 1982 Chicago Pride Parade; it was directed by Dinello’s son Bryan.

  • The video for “First Shot Misses,” made by Bryan Dinello using footage from his father’s 1982 film Pink Triangles Rising

Gossip Wolf recently got hip to Jonn Wallen, who makes synth-based experimental music as Oui Ennui. In October, he and Chicago multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Angel Bat Dawid teamed up as Daoui to release the full-length collaboration Message From the Daoui. And last Friday, Oui Ennui dropped (Nos)+Algebra, a serene ambient solo EP made by digitally processing cassette recordings of synth loops and then subjecting them to cassette-tape delay. Standout track “1063 Prospect Blvd.” ends with what sounds like a symphony’s worth of strings playing from the bottom of a well.

The Reader last checked in on Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being, shortly after he dropped The Pleiadian Agenda in July—at that point he’d put out a dozen progressive-house full-lengths since March, and since then he’s added ten more releases to the stack! This wolf recommends browsing his Bandcamp page starting with the latest, the crunchy 4 the Ones Who Know, and working backward.  v

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