Say My Name Credit: courtesy the artist

LA electronic producer Dayvid Lundie-Sherman, aka Say My Name, is the self-proclaimed pioneer of hardtrap, a combination of hardstyle and electronic trap. Lundie-Sherman blends the boisterous parts of those genres so effectively that distinguishing between them can feel like trying to figure out the difference between being pummeled by a ten-pound sack of quarters or being pummeled by a ten-pound sack of dimes—even to those familiar with the differences between electronic trap and electronic hardcore it may sound like every other over-the-top, frenetic “EDM” track at first listen. But with Lundie-Sherman, the end result is always overpowering. Once you get past the shocking intensity of each song, his electronic trap clusters of hi-hats noticeably gel well with hardstyle bass (it sounds like a trampoline getting electrocuted), and his affection for shrieking, squiggly synths emphasizes his desire to make every sound leave a mark. Lundie-Sherman is most effective as a producer when he’s working with a vocalist. He earns the volume-pushing hook on his 2017 single with Crichy Crich, “Swerve”—the atmospheric passages he provides are so good the EDM rapper sounds way cooler than he ever could on his own.   v