Ty Money Credit: Ryan Lowry

On May 5, Harvey rapper Ty Money released the fifth and final entry in his career-defining mixtape series, Cinco de Money, which he launched in 2015. Each volume has showcased what makes Money stand out: his vivid narratives of street life, freighted with pathos, delivered in a rush of syllables that cuts through the instrumentals like a souped-up car racing through a mountain tunnel. Cinco de Money 5 (self-released via SBMG LLC) highlights Money’s grasp of pop music: he dabs his clean, straightforward hooks with Auto-Tune, and on “Whoa Whoa” he delineates the honeyed sung chorus from the burly rapped verses with a precision that confirms the enduring magic of the old-school industry approach to pop songwriting. Money’s pop proclivities bear great fruit: his half-sung hook on “Whateva” manages to sound triumphant and sullen by turns, and these dueling moods create a strange, magnetic euphoria that only Money can capably deliver.   v