Reivers: Erin Page, Greg Hamilton, Madison Maloof, and Tim Preciado Credit: Courtesy the artist

Gossip Wolf loved grungy stoner-metal band Alma Negra, but alas, they played what turned out to be their last show in 2015. Singer-guitarist Erin Page—who also runs print-art operation Kill Hatsumomo—says her new band, Reivers, arose “after several lineup changes and my desire, along with my copilot, guitarist Greg Hamilton, to take Alma Negra in a slightly different direction.” Joining Page and Hamilton in Reivers are drummer Madison Maloof and bassist Tim Preciado; the name, says Page, refers to the Scottish border clans of her ancestry, “known as gypsies, robbers, and thieves and damned by the church.” Last week on Bandcamp, Reivers posted “Lucky Man,” where Page’s authoritative wail pushes through a flood of swaggering, fuzzy guitar. Reivers debut onstage at LiveWire Lounge on Saturday, October 21, with Arriver, Witchcryer, and Bible of the Devil.

The Chicago Independent Radio Project worked for years to help get the Local Community Radio Act through Congress, and after operating solely on the Web since 2010, it finally begins broadcasting via terrestrial radio at noon on Saturday, October 21, at 107.1 FM. CHIRP volunteers and board members are gathering at the Hopleaf’s upstairs bar on Saturday, October 21, at 11:30 AM to celebrate—arrive by noon for the toast! The station will also throw a public launch party on November 4 at Dovetail Brewery, with beer, food, CHIRP DJs, and a set by most of the Flat Five; tickets cost $20.

Last week Gossip Wolf ran into former Radar Eyes and CoCoComa guitarist Anthony Cozzi, who moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. Cozzi still has a local connection: Moniker Records, which remains based in Chicago despite its founder’s own move to LA, recently dropped his self-titled tape as Sin Asps. With grim vocals and sparse synths in a Mute Records vein, it’s a big departure for him—except for its typically excellent hooks.  v

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