This week’s fantasy gig poster is only partly fantasy, given last week’s “spring” weather in Chicago. Andrea Hill Fitzgerald, a Chicago artist and teacher whose work recently appeared in the “Black Creativity” exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry, created this poster with Prince in mind.

I asked Fitzgerald to describe the concert she imagines this poster would advertise, and she wrote, “My fantasy concert would be Prince & the Revolution at the Avalon Regal Theater on April 21, 2020. I’ve been thinking a lot about Prince since we’ve been under quarantine. It could be because it’s April, but I think what would uplift Chicago is to see Prince performing and riding a bicycle on the south side.”

One reason this column has been featuring fantasy gig posters during the pandemic is to allow Chicago artists to shed light on causes they hold dear. Fitzgerald’s NPO to Know for the week is the Faith Community of Saint Sabina, which since 1916 has served the people of Englewood, Auburn Gresham, and other south-side neighborhoods. “I’d like to suggest donating to the Faith Community of Saint Sabina in Auburn Gresham, which has provided free childcare for up to 100 children per day for essential workers,” Fitzgerald writes. “Saint Sabina also provides food for 400 families per week since the shelter-in-place began and has been a beacon of hope for the community.”

The Reader continues to accept submissions of fantasy gig posters to be featured in this column. To participate, please e-mail with your name, contact information, and your original design or drawing (you can attach a JPG or PNG file or provide a download link). We won’t be able to publish every submission, but we’ll feature as many as possible while the pandemic continues. Your submission can also include a nonprofit, fundraiser, or action campaign that you’d like to bring to the attention of our readers.

Not everybody can make a fantasy gig poster, of course, but anybody with a few bucks to spare can support the out-of-work staffers at Chicago’s music venues—here’s our list of fundraisers. And don’t forget record stores! The Reader has also published a list of local stores that will let you shop remotely.

ARTIST: Andrea Hill Fitzgerald
FANTASY GIG: Prince & the Revolution at the Avalon Regal Theater on Tue 4/21/2020
NPO TO KNOW: Saint Sabina