Like any creative partnership, local duo Hogg have their share of conflict. Credit: Chester Alamo-Costello

Gossip Wolf first caught Hogg in a smoke machine-filled DIY space in 2015, and to this day the proto-industrial duo have maintained a prodigious talent for instantly turning any venue into a murky catacomb, ripe for their dark rituals. Talk about bringing serious atmosphere! On Friday, May 11, Hogg drop their new album, Self-Extinguishing Emission, via Alex Barnett’s label Scrapes Recordings. It’s a banger—”Confidence,” the first song available to stream, blends stark spoken and sung melodies and rudimentary, thudding percussion into a tense, crawling manifesto. The vinyl version includes a double-sided poster insert, and it’s limited to 300 copies—Barnett says early birds can buy theirs on Wednesday, May 9, when Hogg open for Pharmakon at the Hideout.

For 15 years WNUR has been pairing musicians and filmmakers for its annual Sonic Celluloid event, and the 2018 edition happens at Elastic Arts on Friday, May 4. The lineup includes Ben Baker Billington’s Quicksails project with video by Christine Janokowicz, a collaborative set by guitarist Bill MacKay and live video artist Kim Alpert, and Spectralina, aka the long-running duo of visual artist Selina Trepp and Tortoise multi-instrumentalist Dan Bitney. For one set, a single artist will play both roles: the inimitable Angel Marcloid, aka Fire-Toolz, performs to her own visuals. The show starts at 7:30 PM.

On Friday, April 20, Chicago rock three-piece Lume dropped their second album, Wrung Out, which is also their first for legendary New York punk label Equal Vision. Gossip Wolf digs their downcast riffing—Wrung Out draws from shoegaze, doom metal, and post-hardcore without falling entirely into any of those boxes. Fans of Low, Soundgarden, and Bedhead will dig its crunchy melodies and satisfying, almost headbang-able tempos. Lume and fellow slow jammers Rezn return from an east-coast tour to play Burlington on Saturday, May 5, with Beneficials and Tum.  v

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