Honey Dijon Credit: courtesy the artist

Born and raised in Chicago during the 1980s, Honey Dijon (aka Honey Redmond) became entrenched in house music during its original boom before moving to New York City, where she became a familiar presence in the club scene during the halcyon, pre-Giuliani days of dance music. She’s a mainstay of both the high-fashion and the dance-music cognoscenti, working with Louis Vuitton just as easily as she’ll jump on Beats in Space, but she’s spent her whole DJ career building on populist tradition. Last year Dijon put out her first-ever LP, The Best of Both Worlds (Classic Music Company), a melange of classic house and techno tropes that stands out for its unabashed embrace of powerful, sultry vocals, but her DJ mixes—which extend back for years—reveal a striking simultaneity of breadth and depth as an archivist. Dijon is a dedicated formalist when it comes to getting the dance floor to move, but she has no hard-and-fast genre allegiances beyond that, sourcing both her four-on-the-floor and blissful, cathartic moments from across the world of black music. On March 18, Dijon will be playing at Queen!, the weekly Sunday Smartbar party founded by Chicago legend and her longtime friend (and early mentor) Derrick Carter. With her effusive, crate-digging passion working in tandem with her penchant to play both crowd-pleaser and provocateur, expect the unexpected, along with a steamy dance floor.   v