Blurry black and white image of Kyle Lang from Easter
Easter Credit: courtesy of the artist

The south suburbs loom large in the recent history of Chicagoland indie rock, and not just because they gave the city two of its best recent exports, Nnamdï and Ratboys. Oak Forest native Kyle Lang, for example, got into the local scene by playing house shows in the south suburbs with his band Easter, where he was often backed by some of the same people who made that scene indispensable. Easter was basically Lang and whoever he could enlist that month, and as he told Better Yet podcast host (and Reader contributor) Tim Crisp in a 2016 interview, for his first couple shows under that name he was backed by Ratboys’ Dave Sagan, Nervous Passenger’s Brendan Smyth, and Nnamdï. Lang encouraged his friends to be part of the band, and in the early 2010s he was often joined onstage in Easter by six other musicians. The project began, though, with Lang recording at home by himself. Easter’s debut, the 2011 EP Demonstration, hums with indie-rock coziness. Lang’s plaintive vocals glide atop comforting, understated guitars and plucky rhythms; occasionally the music crescendos into a blurry racket, but the loud bits sparkle with the same homemade sweetness as the restrained parts. Initially Lang self-released Demonstration on CD-R, but for its tenth anniversary this summer, new Chicago label Beloved reissued it on vinyl with a 40-page booklet detailing the band’s history. (Demonstration also came out on cassette a few years ago, courtesy Rat King Records in Champaign.) Lang put Easter to bed in the mid-2010s, after recovering from brain cancer, and these days he leads a more refined indie project called Special Death. To commemorate the tin anniversary of Demonstration, though, he’s bringing Easter back to the stage for one show.

Easter, Nervous Passenger, Beloved DJs, Fri 12/3, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, $10, 21+