XTC's Skylarking
XTC's Skylarking

This Is Cinema: I saw their first show in January at the Whistler. On a friend’s recommendation, I stopped by the bar on my night off and was totally drawn in by this raw and intense band onstage. One short week later, This Is Cinema was the newest member of the Whistler Records family. This Is Cinema opens for Lord Huron Tue 5/3 at Schubas.

The theme song for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight: As any baseball fanatic will tell you, this is one of the greatest songs ever. Those opening notes trigger a Pavlovian response: I start drooling for 100-mph fastballs, towering home runs, and pickles (of the baseball variety).

XTC’s Skylarking: It happens every year: spring arrives and my Skylarking LP goes into heavy rotation. The birds are chirping, Andy Partridge is singing about flowers blooming, Colin Moulding is reminiscing about eating ice cream cones and “things we did on grass.” This year it sounds even better: I’m marrying the love of my life in July, and “Big Day” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Why does Reader assistant music editor Kevin Warwick have a soft spot for screamo?

Erik Hall, a member of Nomo and In Tall Buildings, has a thing for a Bulgarian vocal choir.