Magrudergrind at Reggie’s Rock Club, April 9: This all-ages show got bonkers once Magrudergrind tore into its 15-minute set of machine-gun blastbeats. What’s more entertaining than multiple security guards losing their shit as a frenzied mob of young ‘uns bum-rushes the stage? Not too damn much.

“We Got the System to Fight the System” by Maserati: These Georgia dudes’ chugging Krautrock makes a great jogging soundtrack. With its perfectly paced drumming and delay-laced, circling guitar riffs, “We Got the System to Fight the System” is the standout on 2010’s Pyramid of the Sun—and makes running Logan Boulevard at 7:30 AM a bit more bearable.

My collection of obscure screamo and hardcore records (circa 1999-2002): I balked at selling these when I could get 20-30 bucks a pop for ’em on eBay or Skylab Commerce. They’re steadily decreasing in value, but I’ll still relive old times with my Usurp Synapse/Rep Seki five-inch split picture disc or Pg. 99’s six-inch Document #4—for an average of 87 seconds per side.

Kevin asked Billy Helmkamp, co-owner of the Whistler and Whistler Records, what he’s currently obsessing over.