Who Charted
Who Charted

Kevin Warwick

Assistant music editor

“Arpeggiator” by Fugazi Dinner party conversation should involve discussing instrumental jams and ranking Fugazi albums, right? After debating both one Sunday evening, it seemed natural to spin End Hits‘s “Arpeggiator” 16 times in a row at work the next day. The track lives through the ascending/descending Lally bass line and perfectly simple interplay between Picciotto and MacKaye.

Hearing music drift over from the Illinois Centennial Monument in Logan Square Popping open all of my windows has recently been very appropriate due to the ungodly pleasant weather. The Summer Sessions on the Square and the Sundays in the Park series have each provided me with a faint, hazy soundtrack to a weekend housecleaning session or a good reason to stroll a few blocks west and see what’s up.

WU LYF Standing for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, these enigmatic young ‘uns finally cracked the door and started doing interviews to promote Go Tell Fire to the Mountain. Mystery is nice and all, but hawking a supremely stellar debut kind of requires microphones in your face.

Bob Nanna

Guitarist and singer for Braid, marketing manager at Threadless

The Velvet Teen This band is my instant go-to good-mood music. Other than their contemplative, piano-heavy Elysium album, they are fast and frenetic with gorgeous vocals and the absolute craziest drumbeats. Check out the song “No Star.” Now.

Who Charted? I’m podcast crazy, and Who Charted? is one of my faves at the moment. Comedian Howard Kremer and special guests do top-five countdowns of music (and other) charts and then discuss. A recent one with Bob Odenkirk is a great intro to the show. It’s hilarious, bizarre, and something to look forward to every Wednesday!

Playing shows Despite the fact that I’m often terrified of getting onstage, there is nothing like getting offstage, basking in the postshow feelings of accomplishment, relief, and exuberance. I have many shows coming up in the next few months with a few different projects. I can’t wait—to get offstage. Nanna plays in a Cure cover band Thu 9/1 at Lincoln Hall and performs solo Sun 9/4 at Beat Kitchen.

Jake Nickell

Founder of Threadless

Foster the People + Do Good Bus Like a lot of us, I’m afraid I’ve fallen under the spell of Foster the People‘s happy summer beats. But what really piqued my interest is their partnership with the Do Good Bus on their tour this fall to spread good. Pack a bus full of volunteers at each city and go do some helping!

John Bellows The other week at the Empty Bottle, a friend and I were having a beer at the bar waiting for the show to start. All of the sudden a dude with a guitar is standing right next to us at the bar screaming his head off. Turns out it was the opening act, John Bellows. He blew my mind, and I didn’t even want to stay for the next band. I’m not sure how to track him down, but do what you can to see him play!

Deer Tick, War Elephant This album leaves me wishing there were more great bands out there in this genre. Hopefully I just haven’t found them yet (help)! For someone who strongly dislikes country music, it’s amazing how much I love “alternative country.” Give it a listen if you haven’t already!