Angel Olsen Credit: Cameron McCool

Angel Olsen has a voice that can command an entire theater and the songwriting chops to match—even playing solo with just an acoustic guitar, she can transfix a sold-out house. On her recent fourth album, All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar), Olsen involved a small orchestra and added synthesizers to her instrumentation, choices that enrich and amplify the deft, emotive gestures in her music—and that convinced me she’ll be headlining halls even bigger than the Riv sooner than later. The glittering synth melody that makes up the body of “Too Easy” doesn’t feel out of step with any of the earthy, guitar-based tunes in her previous catalog—like the rest of the album, it’s a natural progression of her sound. As she’s proved many times already, Olsen can twist your guts with the subtlest shift of a melody; when a sea of strings rises up to support her deep, gentle singing on “Tonight,” her hushed voice sounds like a magic spell for mystifying entire countries.   v