The three members of Baby Teeth, in blazers and ties, stand in front of a wall covered in a colorful collage of magazine pages
Baby Teeth: Jim Cooper, Abraham Levitan, and Peter Andreadis Credit: Lena Jackson

Gossip Wolf doesn’t like to speculate about which band breakups will stick (it’s no fun to be wrong), but when local indie-pop goofballs Baby Teeth announced their final show in 2012, it seemed unlikely that Chicago had heard the last from them. In the years that followed, singer-songwriter Abraham Levitan, front man of the trio, told this wolf more than once that he hoped to play again with bassist Jim Cooper and drummer Peter Andreadis—and lo and behold, Baby Teeth returned to gigging in 2018. It still took a while for them to get back to releasing fresh jams, and the new single “Don’t Go Outside” is only their second since then. It weds Levitan’s knack for describing the despair of encroaching middle age with a dollop of Cars-style new-wave sheen—resulting in what’s surely one of the most rousing odes to social claustrophobia ever written! On Saturday, May 7, Baby Teeth will headline the Hideout with opener Judson Claiborne.

Baby Teeth have released two singles since reuniting in 2018. The first was “Dripping Candle” in 2019.

It was only a year or so ago that Gossip Wolf slathered praise on the debut LP from Spread Joy, whose mix of postpunk and no wave immediately made them standouts in the city’s DIY punk scene. On Friday, May 13, the four-piece will drop their second album, II, and its lead single, “Repetition,” packs one heck of a wallop—its devilishly satisfying riff would’ve fit right in on Wire’s Chairs Missing. Spread Joy will celebrate the release with a show at the Hideout on Wednesday, May 11, with openers Floatie and Spllit.

YouTube video
The video for Spread Joy’s “Repetition,” directed and edited by Bárbara Baron

On Saturday, April 30, Terra Squad Footwork Company will host a footwork celebration at 1456 E. 70th that doubles as a tribute to a fallen member—Jeremiah “Miah the Great” Sterling, gunned down in July 2010. “He was filled with high energy, loved to laugh, and wanted to succeed as a DJ/footworker,” writes Terra Squad’s King AGee. DJ Clent, DJ Phil, and DJ Corey spin. The event runs from 5 to 9 PM, and admission is a $7 donation.

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