Acquaintances Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Five-piece Chicago/Philadelphia indie-rock supergroup Acquaintances maintain a satisfying simmer on their self-titled 2013 debut, but they really come to a boil on their follow-up, the new 8½ Lives (File 13). Consisting of three guitarist-vocalists—Jered Gummere of the Ponys, Stephen Schmidt of Thumbnail, and Justin Sinkovich of Atombombpocketknife and Poison Arrows—plus bassist Patrick Morris (Don Caballero, Poison Arrows) and drummer Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists), Acquaintances are a meeting of minds in which each player brings his best qualities to the table. Anchored by Wilson’s always-airtight drumming, the songs on 8½ Lives blend Gummere’s signature hooky melodies with Morris and Sinkovich’s knotty, obtuse complexity to create music that adds catchiness to its nastiness and warmth to its darkness. This show is the band’s second live performance ever, and the first is their concert in Bloomington, IL the night before.   v