Screaming Females Credit: Courtesy Girlie Action

This high-and-tight New Jersey trio, often credited with single-handedly defending the honor of heavy indie rock ’n’ roll since they emerged in 2005, hone their attack through near-constant gigging. In fact, Screaming Females play in town so often you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re local. (the 2014 album, Live at the Hideout, recorded with Steve Albini and Timothy Powell in a porta-studio in the alley behind the club, cements their status as honorary Chicagoans in my book.) The band’s seventh full-length, February’s All at Once, does exactly what the title suggests, offering up a filler-free journey through every trick they’ve developed over the years. Their more introspective tunes are perfectly placed between their wall slammers, while front woman Marissa Paternoster provides ever-surprising eruptions of delight through her guitar heroics. Screaming Females bring their raw energy to the intimate Beat Kitchen for a two-night stand that ought to kick 2018’s rotting ass out the back door. Forget the pricey New Year’s Eve party packages at other clubs; this year needs an exorcism, and I trust Screaming Females to do it right.   v