Monobody play Wednesday, February 15, at Beat Kitchen. Credit: Courtesy the artist

Last month, Gossip Wolf’s brain was pleasingly scrambled by instrumental jazz rockers Monobody, who opened for Tortoise at Lincoln Hall as part of Tomorrow Never Knows. The local five-piece includes this wolf’s favorite musical polymath, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, on drums, and his bandmates are stone rippers too—fans of progressive fusion monsters the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report should take note! On Wednesday, February 15, they drop a self-released split album with time-signature-­tweaking math rockers Pyramid Scheme, who share a member with Monobody—and that night they headline a Beat Kitchen show with Slow Mass and Great Deceivers.

In September, Gossip Wolf mentioned 24×24, where 24 DJs spun hour-long sets for a full day. Now the organizers are back with 32×24—and as you can probably guess, 32 DJs will spin 45-minute vinyl sets for 24 hours, beginning at noon on Saturday, February 11, and ending at noon on Sunday. The diverse DJ roster includes K Sity, Mixtress Annie, Maria’s music chief Joe Bryl, WLPN Lumpen Radio station director Logan Bay, and Mykol of WLPN show In-Between. The Co-Prosperity Sphere hosts the event, which doubles as a WLPN benefit (it’s free, but donations are accepted). The station will also broadcast the whole thing. Vendors will be on hand selling records, music gear, and art.

When does Savage Sister guitarist Michael Tenzer sleep? He has a million irons in the fire, including tape label Wild Patterns and shoegaze band Lazy Legs, whose EP Chain of Pink came out in January. Last week his dream-pop project Soft Lashes dropped the chilled-out Hypersensuality, where he says he tried “to capture that spectrum of late-night romance—the thrum of yearning, fun, kinetic attraction, sanctuary, intimacy—and drape it all in my love for misty 80s everything.” Its glistening synth jams will definitely have you reaching for a John Hughes movie!  v

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