Plague Bringer
Plague Bringer

One of James Brown‘s illegitimate daughters, LaRhonda Pettit, told news organizations last week that his body has been removed from the temporary crypt where it was awaiting permanent burial because of a conspiracy theory involving “enablers who helped cause his death.” Gossip Wolf wants to know—who turned it loose?

Local industrial-grindcore duo Plague Bringer haven’t brought much since the 2008 release of their sophomore album, Life Songs in a Land of Death, but the band is almost finished with the follow-up, One in Two Parts, and shopping for a label for a summer release. Meanwhile Mark Solotroff’s BloodLust! label is releasing their new, limited-edition CD single seven-inch at the band’s April 17 Record Store Day gig at Reckless Records on Madison. A tribute to Ministry’s classic “Burning Inside,” it features guest vocals by Chris Connelly, who cowrote the original, and comes packaged with handmade cards and other goodies. PB is also playing Milwaukee’s Midwest Fuckfest in May and opening the Cap’n Jazz/Gauge show at Bottom Lounge on July 17.

OK Go have been freed from their contract with EMI and founded their own label, Paracadute, to distribute their latest album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. Front man Damian Kulash told Gossip Wolf: “In 2001, when we signed, it had a pretty clear direction—you’d have to be a moron not to see the ship going down. We have slowly been making sure we weren’t on the deck. We have no enmity [toward EMI]. It’s not that they’re stupid—they have a larger problem. They have no revenue stream.”

Why did James Brown leave his temporary crypt? It got too funky in there.

Cursive’s Tim Kasher, who left Omaha for LA in 2007, has retreated to an undisclosed small town in Montana to “get away from it all,” a source told Gossip Wolf.

Baltimore neon-scene king Dan Deacon wouldn’t confirm it, but a source tells Gossip Wolf he’s moving to the Netherlands for a residency. According to a source close to him, Deacon’s follow-up to 2009’s Bromst consists of four 20-minute songs, and his label, Carpark, is pushing for a single. But Deacon is reluctant; he wants to make “serious” music without concessions to the marketplace.

After leaving the helm a decade ago, Roger Shepherd has regained control of his legendary New Zealand label, Flying Nun, by buying it from Warner Music NZ. Warner acquired the label in 2005 with its purchase of Festival Mushroom Records, itself an amalgamation of NZ labels Festival Records and Mushroom Records, the latter of which acquired Flying Nun from Shepherd during the 90s. Founded in 1981, Flying Nun was home to many of New Zealand’s most important bands, including the Clean and the Chills. Shepherd’s new business partners include Crowded House front man Neil Finn.

Ultimate WTF: Lady Gaga‘s new video for “Telephone” features a cornucopia of retina-blowing visuals: cat fights, prison-yard lengths of nipple tape, Tyrese getting poisoned (finally!), a cameo by the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill, and enough Virgin cell-phone product placement to buy Jonas Akerlund a mint shellac 78 of Bo Carter’s “Please Warm My Weiner.” But naughty Gaga strutting around in a motorcycle jacket with a back patch advertising Japanese hardcore/crust band G.I.S.M. is what really had Gossip Wolf’s jaw hitting the penitentiary floor. Beyonce in a His Hero Is Gone battle jacket, on the other hand: totally natural.

Dutch duo L.A. Style are rumored to be coming out of retirement to record a follow-up to their landmark 1991 techno hit “James Brown Is Dead”: “James Brown Is Undead and Marching on Harper’s Ferry.”

Too legit, please quit: This week Ryan Adams announced via Twitter that he’ll be releasing a “legit metal record,” offering an unnamed track and asking fans to vote on whether they’d buy the record. Sadly, you could only vote “no” once. Adams’s legit metal sounds an awful lot like weak-sauce ’88-style grunge. Adams should leave metal to the professionals, or at least someone who’s written an interesting song since 2001.

Chicago industrial/nu-goth faves White Car played a packed show last week at Glasslands in Brooklyn. A Gossip Wolf tipster reports: “The front row was all shiny eyed and lust-pantied. You could feel the sexual haunting.” White Car’s debut 12-inch was released last month on the Rainbow Body label; they play the Hideout on March 27.

Reached for comment, arty Brooklyn dance trio These Are Powers told Gossip Wolf they believe James Brown is simply “at Whole Foods.”