Coffins Credit: Courtesy the artist

On the new double-disc compilation Defilements, long-running Japanese band Coffins solder together a patchwork of death and doom metal from five out-of-print releases that trace their development throughout the 2010s. Coffins spike the collection with covers of iconic American groups such as Death and Buzzoven, faithfully executing each homage, and their original tracks simply swing. Metal can swing as surely as jazz and funk can, and without that crucial element of their sound, Coffins might have ended up just another plodding rock act pummeling worn-out musical tropes. Defilements starts with cuts from the 2015 mini LP Craving to Eternal Slumber, including its title track, which merges doomy tempos with guttural laments. It’s tough to clock the lyrical content of album opener “Hatred Storm,” and the muddy recordings of “Under the Stench (Alternative Version)” and “Hellbringer” make it hard to decipher much of anything besides flying double kick drum and theatrical riffing. Tracks from the 2012 EP Sewage Sludgecore Treatment, which earned some stateside acclaim when it came out here in 2013, insinuate a more nefarious death-metal influence, slowing the tempo on a cover of Buzzoven’s “Broken” before breaking into an undeniable swing on Eyehategod’s “Sisterfucker Part 1” and Grief’s “I Hate You.” The album finishes out with material from Live at Asakusa Deathfest 2016, and by adding the gluey bonus track “Evil Infection,” Coffins spotlight their ability to move from thrash to doom and back. They create a through line with guitar solos that pull from NWOBHM and cement the band’s purview: everything plangent and tempestuous.   v