Jayda G Credit: Farah Nosh

Jayda G wears several hats in her music and professional career, balancing her pursuit of an environmental toxicology master’s degree with her growing DJ career. She also manages the differences between her solo production work—which usually takes the form of more ethereal, downtempo, funky house—and the sonic avenues of her DJ sets, where she explores the sinuous tension of funk and the effusiveness of classic disco alike. A collaborator and friend of Berlin iconoclast and Sex Tags Mania mainstay DJ Fett Burger, Jayda is well acquainted with the stranger side of the dance community, though her recent mixes for Trushmix and Discwoman favor dance-floor populism over underground tinkering. Still, she said it best during a Q&A with Mixmag: when asked why she and Fett Burger named their label Freakout Cult, Jayda says simply and pointedly, “Because we wanted to do a party for the freaks!” Music for the freaks of the world that commits to, well, freaking out . . . that’s something worth celebrating.   v