Jesa Espinoza and Rosemary Villaseñor are opening their own shop in the storefront vacated by Permanent Records. Credit: Courtesy of Joyride Records

Gossip Wolf Got the retail-therapy blues when Permanent Records closed their Ukrainian Village store this summer, but the space already has a new lease on life! Chicago record-collecting couple Jesa Espinoza and Rosemary Villaseñor will open Joyride Records in the former Permanent storefront at noon on Saturday, September 30, throwing a free party with DJs at 2 PM (including Dave McCune, Hunter Husar, and Sr. Marlowe of Sonorama), bands to be announced, and complimentary beer from Half Acre. Espinoza says Joyride will stock “hard-to-find gems, more music from South America, and lots and lots of local records.” Welcome to the neighborhood, folks!

Gossip Wolf is sad to report that local rock label Tall Pat Records is packing it in. The tall Pat in question, Pat Sullivan (also an occasional Reader contributor), says his final release will be a live recording of this year’s Cuddlestock fest, which the label hosts at Cole’s on November 3 and at the Empty Bottle on November 4. “I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to do, save a hit record, but I’m just tired—it’s a lot of work,” Sullivan says. “It felt like it was a good time to walk away.” (The Cuddlestock poster includes the line “Wow, that was an expensive hobby!”) Tall Pat is also partying with Goose Island, Empty Bottle Presents, and Big Star Records (the restaurant’s new music endeavor) for Comfort Station’s annual summer fund-raiser on Saturday, September 30; acts include Nobunny, Quarter Mile Thunder, Ryley Walker, and Negative Scanner.

This wolf usually recommends local acts, but did you know that 80s superstar Billy Ocean—singer of “Caribbean Queen” and “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”—is playing Joe’s Live, a nightclub 3,000 feet from O’Hare, on Sunday, October 1? It’s Billy Fucking Ocean, people! Squad up! Opening are DJ Kenny “Jammin” Jason (of the original WMBX Hot Mix 5) and yacht-rock cover crew the Ron Burgundy’s.  v

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