Kayy Drizz Credit: Who is She?

Since 2007, New Jersey-born producer Kalayisa Drake, aka Kayy Drizz, has been making Jersey club, an aggressive Garden State cousin of Baltimore club—a raw, fast-paced, jittery dance sound that emerged in the late 80s. And earlier this decade, her spin on Jersey club earned her a place in the scene’s most storied collective, Brick Bandits, formed in 2002. These days Kayy calls Chicago home, but the spirit of Jersey club still pulses in the herky-jerky vocal loops and hard-stomping percussion on her latest release, December’s Precious Gems: Cluster 2. A couple of weeks before she self-released that comp, she promoted a December set at Wicker Park’s Emporium by dropping a Soundcloud mix that energizes selections from pop music’s vast history with Jersey club’s adrenaline rush. She opens its final section with a nearly two-minute chant of “Fuck Donald Trump,” interjecting “old lyin’ ass” and “old hatin’ ass” (among other variations) as a serrated drum ’n’ bass loop emerges. Kayy Drizz shows us another way to find joy beneath the anger and frustration of the Trump era—and to use music to amplify a message of hope and empowerment.   v